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Namyue Holdings Limited is a listed company controlled by 南粵(集團)有限公司 (Nam Yue (Group) Company Limited), a state-owned enterprise of Guangdong Province in Macao. The Company, formerly known as Guangdong Tannery Limited, was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 1996 with stock code: 01058.

In September 2021, with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the holding unit of the listed company was changed from 粤海控股集團有限公司 (GDH Limited) to南粵(集團)有限公司 (Nam Yue (Group) Company Limited). In July 2022, the listed company changed its name to Namyue Holdings Limited. Its major subsidiary is 徐州南海皮廠有限公司 (Xuzhou Nanhai Leather Factory Co., Ltd.).

徐州南海皮廠有限公司 (Xuzhou Nanhai Leather Factory Co., Ltd.) is the main production enterprise. It engages in the entire process of production of shoe cowhides, finished/ semi-finished leather, ecological leather, bag leather and two-layer grey hides. It is the main raw material supplier of downstream brand enterprises, and has obtained the right to use the "Eco-leather Mark" logo of the national leather industry. It has a relative high degree of credibility in the industry. The enterprise occupies an area of more than 203 acres, with more than 300 employees, and has an annual production capacity of 850,000 pieces of high-grade cowhide products. After years of development, with international advanced tanning production, research and development equipment, production technology, it has formed a stable and excellent advanced tanning technology over the years, and has become a supplier of prominent domestic shoe manufacturers. Since 2012, it has continued to obtain the "Eco-leather Mark" logo issued by the China Leather Industry Association, and in 2015, it became the first national leather industry’s harmonious work relations enterprise, with AAA corporate credit. In 2024, the company was accredited with Gold Rating of the Leather Working Group (LWG) Environmental Auditing Protocol for the global leather industry.